Life throws us curve balls all the time. The untimely death of a loved one. An unwanted physical/sexual encounter. Having to make major life decisions we just don't feel ready for. Grief that touches our hearts so hard we don't know how we can go on. Sometimes we can put the pieces back together and get on with life. Other times it's not so easy, and we just need someone who will listen and understand.

In my professional career, I've worked with survivors of domestic and sexual violence; women struggling with unplanned pregnancies, pregnancy loss, and infertility; and those working through major life transitions. I operate from a Person-Centered approach with empowerment as a central component to foster positive change.

It is my hope to provide a comforting space for those suffering with "silent grief" over losses not fully understood by others: pregnancy loss, infertility, postpartum issues, pet loss, career change, etc.

I am in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

To schedule an appointment:  985-8597097              nouvelleviecounseling@gmail.com