If you are feeling overwhelmed with life's daily tasks, ruminating on negative thoughts, low self esteem, struggling with obsessions and/or compulsions, crying, feeling anxious, feeling blue or thinking thoughts like "I don't feel like living," therapy can help. If you continually find yourself in unhealthy relationships without skills to make better choices, therapy can help. Learn skills to overcome mood disturbance, how to change and/or cope with difficult life circumstances whether of a current nature or past trauma. Develop a new approach to your life, one that is healthy, supportive, and life affirming.

I teach clients to address and change ineffective patterns of behavior that block their success to live an enriched life. Using various therapeutic approaches tailored to the individual client(s) I teach effective strategies for self care and coping in the present while healing wounds of past and present.

My job is to teach you, the client, skills that will last a lifetime. Skills that you may rely upon to be more in charge of your life, enjoy your life and to develop better relationship with yourself and those who are important to you.

In Network Insurance Companies:

  • Beacon
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Optum

I also take out of network.