Have you been stressed, disconnected, struggling to adjust, suffering from a mental health hurdle and feel as though you have exhausted your options? Please feel free to reach out! The counseling process is seen as an opportunity to aid you on your mental health journey in hopes to manage or overcome what is causing distress and dysfunction. It is time to take the opportunity to make yourself a priority in your life. It gets hard pouring from an empty cup. You are worth the time and effort it takes to work on you.

I provide counseling to aid in processing the client's current situation, exploring what may be correlated, and creating a safe environment where the client is able to express vulnerabilities, emotions, concerns, goals, and victories in hopes to bring issues to fruition to analyze them, accept them, and create a commitment to adjust where needed.

The unique experience of singing bowls uses sound and vibration which may aid with: anxiety, depression, fatigue, tension, anger, confusion, releasing old patterns that no longer serve you, as well as some physical health benefits . The sound of the singing bowls may produce binaural beats which can stimulate brain waves that help you feel relaxed and more.

Accepting new clients.

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